Sakuradragon is a bunny-dragon who loves strawberries and quiet days under the cherry blossom trees. She is energetic and sweet but can quickly run out of energy, resulting in her special ability to fall asleep wherever and whenever.

Sakuradragon spends her time making sweets and entertaining customers at Sakuradragon Cafe. Customers praise her for her very meticulous nature and attention to even the smallest details. However, due to her personality and need to be detail oriented, Sakuradragon easily gets stressed out.

Feed Me Dino

Feed Me Dino is a mini godzilla with a big appetite and is on a mission try all the wonderful foods in the world. Don’t be fooled by his small size, he can eat a lot more than he appears. In the unfortunate incident that he goes hungry, he’ll turn giant and wreck havoc until he is happily fed and satisfied.

Feed Me Dino has a love for dark chocolate and highly dislikes white chocolate. He will get sick if you try to feed him white chocolate and will out for revenger forever.

Feed Me Dino is the mascot of a popular cafe featuring all the fancy teas that he finds from his travels around the world. He is easily motivated by food and the cafe owners often find him guilty of creating chaos when his stomach is calling.

Mr. Sakuradragon

Affectionately nicknamed by Altair, this rabbit-like creature is not too different than Sakuradragon. Mr. Sakuradragon oversees the Dreamscape, a dark garden where troubled souls are collected, and uses his mysterious iron lantern to shine light into the wayward souls.

Being nocturnal by nature and wired to never require sleep, he is highly sensitive to caffeine and should never ever be allowed to consume any.


Ghostea is a special type of magical creatures that can be summoned by adding hot water to a magical tea bag. Ghosteas exist in the world in the form of steam which comes raises out of a cup as you steep tea. Ghosteas are very diverse and can have various different powers, life spans and appearances depending on the blend and tea bag. The lifespan of a particular Ghostea depends on how much magic was added to the tea bag when it was created.

Although Ghosteas are magical creatures that can be summoned, they are very common in the Tiny RPG Universe. There is even a place known as Kingdom of Spell in the Tiny RPG Universe that has a large Ghosteas population. Some popular establishments run by Ghostea include a candy shop, a library, convenience store, and general magic shop.


Many would say that Pompy is intimidating and easily displeased. He runs a flower shop during the day and spends the nights bartending for adventurers. Pompy’s reputation is well known amongst the seasoned sorcerers and treasure hunters looking to uncover Tiny RPG Universe’s greatest secrets.

Very little is known about his past but it rumored that he used to be a well known personality in Tiny RPG Universe’s black market. It is believed that Pompy settled into a quiet life with plans to escape his previous lifestyle but opened a bar after finding it a little too quiet.


Poor Peppermint is an anxious and clingy little sheep. She has horns made of peppermint with a special extract used to make potions to instantly cure fatigue and exhaustion. She is often hunted for her horns and made to feel afraid no matter where she goes.

Much to her horror, Feed Me Dino cannot resist the lovely scent of Peppermint’s horns and is always trying to get to them.

Since she is always scanning her surroundings for danger, Peppermint has a tendency to lose track of her travel companions and get lost. They have put a bell on her to keep better track of her.

Frog King

The Frog King is the fabulous ruler of the Kingdom of Riddle in the Tiny RPG Universe. He resides in his castle in Wonderland, a place filled with surprises and curious business.

His large eyes seem peer into your soul when he looks at you and his smiling face will leave you wondering what it is that he is thinking. Just his very presence is enough make you feel awkward and uncomfortable.

The Frog King has been the stand-in caretaker for the FrogPeas after he found them abandoned in the royal garden as tiny tadpeas long ago.


The FrogPea triplets are a chaotic bunch that exhibit little to no logic. They are quite silly and easily distracted. The pea pod is they grew up in is no longer big enough to house all three of them so they are constantly fighting for space. Other inhabitants of the Tiny RPG Universe find the FrogPeas presence as equally exhausting as it is entertaining. When the FrogPeas are not fighting and causing problems, they are actually good at teamwork oriented tasks.

The FrogPeas work as servants for the Frog King, working in return for his care and hospitality. While they do fear and respect the Frog King’s authority, they still accidently drive him crazy.


Gelato is a quiet, hardworking, and patient papa polar bear who is raising the Cub Twins as a single parent. After losing mama bear to global warming, Gelato moved to the city and opened up Bearlato, his polar bear themed gelato shop. He enjoys scooping gelato because it reminds him of the snow he once lived in.

Years after moving to the city, the Frog King learned of his past as a master fishermen and skills at preparing fish in the Artic. Frog King offered him a job to open and run a high end and exquisite sushi shop. As a means to better provide for his children, he accepted the offer, leaving Bearlato in the care of his two cubs.

Milk & Creme

Although Milk is the older twin, he is timid and relies on his sister, Creme, to help him all the time. Milk is incredibly intelligent—great with books and numbers. He’s a bit shy and a little bit awkward but is also good at keeping his spontaneous sister out of trouble.

Creme is super sweet and always willing to help out. She’s a natural at socializing and great at remember people. She might a bit clumsy with book keeping and keeping inventory but that’s why she has her brother.