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Feed Me Dino Plushie Keychain

Feed Me Dino Plushie Keychain

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Feed me Dino is super soft and stand about 3 inches tall. He always down for hugs and to keep you company while you work.


- One (1) Feed Me Dino Plushie Keychain

Feed Me Dino is a mini godzilla with a big appetite and aspires to try all the wonderful foods in the world. Don’t be fooled by his small size, he can eat a lot more than he appears. In the unfortunate incident that he goes hungry, he’ll turn giant and wreak havoc until he is happily fed and satisfied. Feed Me Dino has a love for dark chocolate and highly dislikes white chocolate. Feeding it to him will cause him to get very angry. Feed Me Dino is the mascot of a popular cafe featuring all the fancy teas that he finds from his travels around the world. He is easily motivated by food and the cafe owners often find him guilty of creating chaos when his stomach is calling.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Super Soft

I absolutely love my Feed Me Dino keychain and so does all my friends kids. It is nice and soft and squishy and super adorable as a keychain on my backpack. Great gift for yourself, friends and little ones!

Asela Chavez Basurto

Cute and chunky, don't let the size deceive you, this tiny rpg companion is very well-made and sturdy. Looks awesome as a plushie or as a daily companion.

Vicki K.
Oh lawd he commin'!

This chonky lad is a delightful companion for any adventure! Squishy and friendly, he definitely appreciates when he gets to go new restaurants, or or for bubble tea. Wonderful quality, he's definitely sturdy.

Deborah Mednick
A round boy

Feed me Dino keychain is so cute and round! The perfect friend to carry on your bag or keys!

So cute

Small Feed Me Dino is so cute and fluffy! He keeps me company when I'm relaxing. Some snacks seem to go missing when he's around though....