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Sakuradragon Omamori

Sakuradragon Omamori

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Did you need a lucky charm to help you achieve your goal? Sakuradragon will bless this charm so that the universe is favorable to your pursuit in life.

Deminsions -
Charm: 2.25" x 1.75"
W/ Protective Case: 2.75" x 2"
Strap: 8.5"

What is an omamori?
Omamori are essentially prayers or sacred inscriptions inside small, colorful brocade pouches sold at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples all across Japan.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sakuradragon Collection

I absolutely love this Sakuradragon collection. I love the colors and that it matches the desk mat I also purchased. The colors are cute and is a perfect Sakuradragon keepsake. I feel so lucky to have one!

Sakuradragon blessing!

This omamori is so cute and very well made. Sakuradragon is super cute, and I ordered an extra to make sure I always have one with me <3 it arrived packaged in a small plastic pouch (as seen in product photo). The pink is especially cute against the purple. May Sakuradragon bless your life as well!