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Sakuradragon's Garden Linen Apron

Sakuradragon's Garden Linen Apron

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This cute and super comfy apron for your everyday needs whether you are cleaning, crafting, cooking, or gardening.

Apron design features a cross back with a front pocket. There is a small phone pocket inside the front pocket for your convenience. The linen material is light weight and breathable but still highly durable. Personally I find that the apron is so comfortable to wear that I forget to take it off.

- One (1) Sakura’s Garden Linen Apron
- One (1) DandePoof Patch

- The apron comes blank with printed DandePoofs and Sakuradragon graphic.
- Pins not included.
- Apron comes with one DandePoof iron-on patch. It has not yet been attached.

Material: Linen
Size: 48x92CM

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vicki K.
It made me a better baker!

Well, to be fair it didn't. But it DID make me want to spend more time in the kitchen. So maybe the improvement is still incoming. Very nice linen, very comfortable to wear, and very very cute!

Evelyn VanDerBaan
Super comfy and cute

LOVE IT! Its so nice to just toss it over your head and boom your ready to cook. I use it when its my turn to make breakfast because you never know when a cat will get under your feet and the pancake mix will go weee. As you can see from my terrible pic (sorry all) I also have the feed me dino one, because the hubby needed one too.

So useful!

This apron is a combination between cute and functional! I love the the design with the front pocket and the easy on/off access without worrying about tying bows in the back. The design is super cute and simple. I love sakuradragon poking out of the front pocket <3 It also comes with a patch which is really cool.